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>>I only discovered Extropy about a year ago. The reason I consider myself
>>'Extro' is because my personal beliefs (which I developed early in life)
>>very Extro. The one thing about Extro and transhuman belief I have
>>is that it's naturally occuring, it does not have to be forced. I would
>>even say, from my personal experience, that it is the 'natural' state.

>That is something I intended to point out a few days ago. I can't
>possibly agree that extropy is a belief that is adopted. I think that it is
>a part of a person that is usually unacknowledged due to the multitudes of
>learned behaviour and conditioning.

I only thought of this after reading your response, but if extropian beliefs
are naturally occuring - People must be natural optimists and only learn to
be pessimists. What a nice thought! If only we could teach people to
unlearn their behaviour and conditioning.

Another 'nice thought' is that over time things tend to reform to their
natural states.