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<< Many Mystics believe that the human race is evolving, rather rapidly
lately, towards what Extros call transhuman. They also embrace all that
man does as being "natural" as we come from and are part of nature. >>

I only discovered Extropy about a year ago. The reason I consider myself
'Extro' is because my personal beliefs (which I developed early in life) are
very Extro. The one thing about Extro and transhuman belief I have noticed,
is that it's naturally accouring, it does not have to be forced. I would
even say, from my personal experience, that it is the 'natural' state. Most
Extro and transhumanist beliefs revolve around survival and evolution. The
two most natural things we do.

I have heard many people say that our evolution should be away from 'animal
behaviour', that we should rise above our natural instincts. But evolution
itself is a natural instinct, and what is life extention if not survival
(very animalistic)!

These Mystics you talk of sound more Extro than a lot of self-confessed
Extro's. Hey, maybe I can call my self a Mystic now :)