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At 11:42 AM 5/23/97 CST, Rick Knight wrote:

> Thanks Natasha for your comment about Michael Ventura. I've never met
> the man. Do you know what he meant about "the belly of the beast"?

The phrase refers to his interest in digging deep into dark issues and
residing there while observing that society. He has a keen insight into
life from this angle, as if he were, possibiliy, a cinematographer
documenting life from the "inside" of Hades. Not all his writing is dark,
however. I have enjoyed his pieces, from many perspectives. As he enjoyes
quality jazz, humor, and the lifestyle of West Hollywood; it permeates his

> Does the quote I mentioned seem to connect to the person you met or is
> there incongruity there. I'm very big on a person being the truth
> s/he speaks. Not always easy in error-prone humanity. But my motto
> is when you screw up, you atone and realign yourself to your creed.

I suppose he, like most people, has contraditions in his makeup. And, a
nebulous nature is his an aspect of his style.

Natasha Vita More [fka Nancie Clark]

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