Re: eyelash bugs

Thom Quinn (
Thu, 22 May 1997 09:44:06 -0500

The species that lives in the eyelashes ONLY exists in humans and only
exists is not a free living species and is totally dependent
on humans!
> On Thu, 22 May 1997, Thom Quinn wrote:
> > Its true. The human body is more than just human cells---it a symbiosis
> > with several other species in benign interactions like these.
> Yes, we are filled with symbiotes. But I seriously doubt that the
> mites living in our follicles are as essential for them as the
> original poster suggested; in that case mice bred in sterile
> environments would be hairless. But I wouldn't be surprised if the
> mites actually have co-evolved some useful functions, like keeping
> away certain bacteria.
> This brings up an interesting idea that was discussed a few months
> back: how we can improve our symbiotes, or even make artificial ones.
> Purely aesthetically I have always wanted tailored skin bacteria
> making sweat smell like perfume.
> Another fun idea I read about in _The Biomechanical Engineering
> Handbook_ (Ed Joseph Bronzino, CRC 1995) is to encapsulate
> hormone-producing cells in semi-permeable capsules which lets small
> molecules through but not antibodies, cells or similar stuff. This
> way xenografts could be used to produce hormones, neurotransmittors
> or whatever with no danger of immune reactions to them.
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