Re: Extropian Investment Club?

James Rogers (
Wed, 21 May 1997 22:59:56 -0700

At 03:19 PM 5/21/97 -0500, Natasha Vita More wrote:
>Yes. A while back, I started a thread "Extropians Investing in the Future."
>The responses were quite informed. Over the months, I have been meeting
>with a couple of friends to discuss stock and investments portfolios. Since
>this time, I have begun taking charge of my own investments. By using the
>services of a discount broker, I am more apt to pay attention to the
>direction of my investments, rather than relying on brokerage firms.

I would recommend trading via the web. Not only is it the cheapest way to
trade (per share), but brokers are often poor sources of information.
Commissions vary not only with the amount of stock they sell, but which
stock they sell. As my mother ( a stock broker and regional manager for a
large brokerage house ) often reminded me, half the brokers she ever worked
with would routinely lie to their clients to make extra money.

>One aspect of taking charge of one's investments is to learn from another's
>mistakes. I would gladly share some of my blunders as well as success and
>insights with investments, especially real estate.

I would be very interested in hearing about your real estate investments.
I am not an expert on real estate investing but am very interested in it.

-James Rogers