Re: Investing in the future (extropian strategies)

Mike C. (
Tue, 20 May 1997 12:59:30 -0700

Max wrote:
> Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 10:14:38 -0700
> From: Max More <>
> Subject: Investing and the future
> Do you consider yourself an expert on investing?

No, but I don't consider myself a fool either.

>Have you thought about which investment strategies might make good sense
>given the technological changes we expect to see over the coming decades?

Yes, day trading (nano-second trading?) is interesting to me.
I suggest using the fastest computer with the fastest connection
to be able to react to the market before anyone else.
Tech can make this kind of investing into a race.
This process can be fully, hands off, computerized;
the idea already begins to bore me.

Knowing what will happen before it happens is also nice.
The futures exchange can make you millions quick
if you have global weather forcasts for the past 200 years on record.
Many seasonal predictions can be made with 90% accuracy.
Those odds are alot better than blackjack!

I say futures is the way to go.
Learn the future and make money too.
I think learning what the future holds is fun.
It gives me time to prepare for what will soon be in the present;
I can put my self in a position of control and wait for the earnings to
pour in,
instead of mearly reacting to what the present shoves in my face.
Having been a boy scout, I love to prepare,
sometimes more than doing what I prepare for.

One investment idea I was toying with
was considering plate tectonics' effect on real estate.
If you invest in the long term, don't invest in India.
That is, of course, unless you want your property subducting under the
Asian plate
and pushing up the Himalayas.

I wanted to build a cryo-tomb
at the site that would remain on the surface of the Earth the longest.
What is a better place for a monument to immortality?
I haven't yet figured out where that would be though.
A good map is hard to find.
I tried looking for someone at NASA that could help me,
but they have so much cool stuff I got distracted and forgot about it.
Hopefully I won't be on this planet much longer
and there won't be a need for a cryo-tomb anyway.

Can anybody point me towards Alpha Centauri?