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>Dear Genetic Programming Conference:
>As I looked over your brochure for the Second Annual Genetic Programming
>Conference, I was disappointed to see that the symbol for the conference
>was the well-known Christian fish symbol, though altered in the same manner
>as done by those of the Darwinian religion - with the inclusion of feet and
>the object of worship inside the fish. Only in this case, the initials GP
>instead of DARWIN appear inside the fish.
>I suppose it was naive of me to think that the fellow scientists putting
>together the conference were above such slaps at Christianity, even if they
>didn't agree with the Christian belief. It will be interesting to see if
>next year you choose a Buddist, Hindu, or Muslim symbol, distorting it to
>show that genetic programming is really God. I don't think you will,
>because I find that those who resort to such insults have a singular
>distaste for Christianity and have no room for it regarding the widely
>touted need for tolerance we are all supposed to have for all beliefs,
>sexual preferences, etc.
>I can find genetic programming research on the Internet without your help
>or conferences. Please remove my name from your mail list.
>Stephen Chandler
>McKinney Lumber, Inc.

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