RE: Lifespan extension and the existence of soul

Damien Broderick (
Sat, 17 May 1997 13:01:37 +0000

Aargh. A brief correction to what I just posted to the list:

My Eudora mailer appears to have turned my cut&paste of Fred Alan Wolf's
prose drivel into a kind of faux verse, thus (assuming it arrives at other
people's mailers in little jagged lines):

>`My physics knowledge is
>both a gift and a curse in so far as it is needed to define the spiritual
>universe and its agent, the soul.
>The gift is that I see, objectively, how much of the physical universe
>works. That perspective gives
>me a certain peace of mind that the universe is not an accident and that

Just thought I should mention that he *didn't* write it like that!

(Although people pushing such views often do seem attracted to

Damien Broderick