Thu, 15 May 97 23:32:35 +1000

On Sun, 11 May 1997, Anders Sandberg replied to ard:

AS> ... So my guess is that combining foods is just a simple strategy to
AS> be sure you have all nutrients you need by ingesting a bigger mixture,
AS> nothing more, nothing less.

AS> ... It should be noted that animalic food
AS> contains all EAA, it is just vegans who need to worry (?) about them
AS> and eat a somewhat more diverse diet.

Yes. In particular the essential amino acid Lysine is deficient
in plant proteins. Lysine can prevent glyco-sylation in ageing
and (IIRC) is important for strong muscles and immune function.

In talking with vegans I am always surprised that so frequently
they are unaware of this possible deficiency. If the vegan
diet is restricted (perhaps to lose weight) lysine deficiency
is almost inevitable.