Re: Can't resist one more shot
Tue, 13 May 1997 19:51:01 -0400 (EDT)

In response to Erik Moeller's statements:

>The wall in Germany fell because of massive media propaganda. Kohl
>himself admitted this afterwards and said it would not have been
>possible without western media. Of course hundreds of thousands of
>unemployed people in East Germany would prefer socialism now.

These people had a sudden change of government. Give it time, and eventually
the economy will grow. People who were raised for decades with "guaranteed
jobs and food" are going to have to adapt to capitalism. I think the world
economies speak for themselves. The real bottom line is a matter of rights -
Who's right is it to tell anyone else how to live? The answer is - noone's.
Having any form on government is ludicrous, especially a communist one.

>A good economy is not only characterized by its growth or size, but also
>by the distribution of wealth and the inequality. That's what
>Libertarians always forget. And that's why people like you might mean
>the end of this planet.

Who cares if there is an unequal distribution of wealth. Show me a large
group of people in which all people are equal in intelligence, creativity,
knowlege, experiance, and strength, and then I may agree with you. People
are different, and will always have different amounts of money. If you wish
to become a billionaire, shall we tell you that you can't because most people

>I can't remember any politician who said that war is a good thing. Most
>of them just said it was necessary. Words are just words, and deeds are
>deeds. The US aggression against Vietnam and other communist countries
>was simply wrong (although a war can never be justified).

Thieves are the lower scum, while politicians are the higher scum. They are
still scum. Without governments, war cannot happen. Case solved. (I know
getting to that point will take a while, to say the least. I'm just talking
pure theory, to be applied over the next few centuries, until we're there at
a pure state of anarcho-capitalism.)

> > And the media in the US aren't owned by gov't. Why do they support
> > it?
> Maybe they have this weird idea that its better to be in a free
> country where they can print what they like?
><very big evil grin>
>Maybe you should ask the guys at a-albionic research how free western
>media are.

I'm not familiar with a-albionic, but I do agree with you that the media
isn't free to print just anything. They are very regulated. Try to put
Extropian ideas sincerely reviewed on the first 5 pages of the LA Times.
Good luck.

>With 15 % poor people, low education standard, a rich power elite,
>propaganda by TV religions and enterprise advertising, growing
>inequality and a hardly existant welfare system, the US are one of the
>saddest examples for free markets ins world history and will remind
>anyone with a little bit of brain capacity of the Middle

I agree completely, but let's look at CAUSE. The cause of these problems is
not capitalism. The cause is too much communism (PUBLIC schools, TAXES to
have PUBLIC SERVICES, etc.). America is no ideal place to live, I agree.
Just be sure to analyse the cause of its demise.

Shawn M. Johnson "Is ANYONE out there?" "I think the Extropians are the
only thinking people on Earth." :-)