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Sun, 11 May 1997 20:13:50 +0100

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>>With Montignac's method, his point re slimming was that if you combine
>>foods wrongly the energy is stored as fat instead of used up immediately
>>(something to do with the liver - sorry I can't remember the theory!)
>I'd be curious what his theory is. The liver does decide whether to store
>food energy as glycogen (which tends to get used) or fat (which tends to hang
>around). A big enough meal will overwhelm the liver's ability to store
>glycogen and the rest goes straight to fat. There's also a theory, with
>conflicting studies, that evening calories are more prone to end up as fat
>than morning calories.

Sorry I can't be of more help, I don't have the book any more - although
I had been thinking recently of trying the diet again, and these posts
have reminded me of that, so I might get one of his books again. He's
written two or three, mostly the same info with variations and different
recipes and updated versions. One is called "Eat Yourself Slim", as I
recall. I'll try and look it up, if you like.

Guru George