Re: Non-feeling, or just sensible?

Dan Hook (
Sun, 11 May 1997 12:05:07 -0400

It's rather interesting that this seems to have been the case for a very
long time. In chimpanzees, the political leader has less children than
average. This was discovered using DNA testing of hair fibers as well as
feces. I would find it interesting if someone checked on the reproductive
success of the leader's siblings.
Looking at humans, Western Europeans kept a large number of their most
intelligent people out of the gene pool through the priesthood. In China
those who disagreed with the official views of the historical texts were
cut out of the gene pool either through death or quite literally. The
human race has been "devolving" for quite some time now but somehow we
manage to pull through.

Dan Hook
> From:
> I have always enjoyed your comments, Michael. This one seems to ring
> If a "moron" can't produce anything for society, they have much more
time to
> "reproduce". I once heard a saying that went something like "When a man
> can't produce, he'll reproduce". I'm glad we'll be able to prevent the
> devolution of the species, since we are going to develop scientific
> to augment all people. As a non-moron myself, I can also attest to the
> difficulty of finding other non-morons to mate with. Us thinking people
> a more difficult time meeting other thinking people, since the morons are
> majority. :-) Shawn M. Johnson