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Anders Sandberg (
Sat, 10 May 1997 23:28:11 +0200 (MET DST)

On Sat, 10 May 1997, MikeRose wrote:

> The following is from 'Love Your Body', Viktoras Kulvinkas, M.S.:
> "Protein requires acid digestive juices, while starch and sweet food
> requirte alkaline. You cannot digest both at the same time.

This is, as others have pointed out, completely wrong. The digestive
juices in the stomach are acidic, and the juices in the intestine alkaline.
Even if some foods tend to push the balance in some directions, the
gastrointestinal system has some pretty clever regulatory systems that
notices if the pH is wrong and fix it (it should be noted that the
intestine has a quite complex nervous system of its own, with very loose
connections to the nervous system "proper").

> "Poorly combined food remains too many hours in the digestive tract. In
> this warm environment it rots and/or ferments, producing a wide range of
> poisons, headache, and an unloving disposition.

An amusing paragraph, and rather typical for what one will hear from many
alternative health groups. Rot does not normally occur in the stomach,
and if it did we would have much bigger problems than an unloving
disposition (toxic megalocolon comes to mind). As for poisons and
headaches, is this the reason bulls are so angry? After all, there is
plenty of fermentation going on in bovine stomaches.

Thanks for posting this text. While I disagree with it, it is good to go
back to the sources and look at what they say.

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