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> >It seems to me that the main plausibility about food combining is that
> >our ancestors wouldn't have been likely to have had combinations of food
> >at all - they would probably have gorged themselves on one kind of food
> >at a time, as they found it. Right or wrong?
> Really, there's no good way to know. Food in the wild tends not to come in
> enormous quantity, although there are exceptions.

I heard that animals and young humans will naturally choose a good diet. I
think it was Douglas Rushkoff who told me about a study in which a
young child was given unlimited candy, chocolate, sugar based foods,
vegetables, fruit etc. etc.

Naturally the kid choose the candy, the biscuits, the junk and sugary
foods - immediate gratification. But apparently the baby got tired of
eating too much crap and then spent a whole day gorgeing on broccoli and
cabbage and less immediatly satisfying food. Accordingly he got a balanced
diet naturally.

I do not know which study which he was refering too, does anyone have any
idea? Or is it an urban myth?


[ps: I'm eating cheese and drinking beer at the moment]


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