ard (
Sat, 10 May 1997 16:44:42 +0200

> So I would expect free areas which are subsidized like this to hew
> pretty closely to average morality in what is allowed. There would be
> specialized places for people with particular interests, like nudists,
> but that is no different from today's nudist camps and resorts.
> I don't know whether nudism is becoming more popular.

Our own experience with nudity, having a nude home, grounds and pool for
our guests, is that as people get used to it, it becomes acceptable as
"natural" and the connection with sex disappears. In Europe, nudity is
quite acceptable at the beaches, in ads on televison, etc. Since most of
the members of this list are living in that bastion of Puritan values, the
Home of the Land, Free of the Brave, they are also plauged with the meme of
"Nudity is bad, Nudity means sex." In another 50 years, we expect that
even this meme will die a "natural death". Meanwhile, check out what
attitudes you have about nudity and where did it come from? Perhaps, with
a little self-examination, you too will be free of this particular hang-up.