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Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 06 May 1997 17:23:39 -0400

> On Mon, 5 May 1997 wrote:
> > I've had extropian ideas for a long time and when I found out that there was an
> > extropian movement, I thought "Great! There are people who think like me!
> > Perhaps are they going to help me grow faster."
> >
> > I think it would be good to be a bit more practical about extropianism.

WHile I applaud your appeal to practicality, I might remind you that
many of the inner solar system space projects are now being planned and
funding is being prospected. There are several that could easily take
place within the next ten years. Based on this, I would respectfully
suggest that you reexamine what you regard as practical, near term
extropian goals, projects, and subjects. While personal improvement via
pharmaceuticals or other technology is one goal of ours, remember that
in order to develop the resource base necessary to make such present or
upcoming technologies available to all without destroying our ecology is
much larger than that which is presently available here on earth.
Development of space infrastructure rightfully is a major subject for
extropians to discuss, participate in, and work towards, for this will
make our other dreams that much more possible and affordable.

WHile we occasionally see people here complaining that all we ever do
here is talk, etc., they need to realize that many of us do more than
talk. Many of us are pursuing educations that will be applicable to the
technologies we discuss, or are actively engaged in extropian related

One thing I have NOT seen or have seen little of, which could probably
be of use, is a directory of active extropian projects. One cause of
this is that extropians tend to be rugged individualists, and aren't
into the joiner mentality. Thus they tend to be involved in individual

However there are many projects ongoing by non-extropians that fit into
extropian goals. The Artemis Project, First Mellenial FOundation, to
name a few. If there is a need for a project that you see, don't
complain that nobody is doing anything about it. If you think it needs
doing, do it yourself. That is the extropian way.

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