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ard wrote:
> > From: Sarah Marr <>
> > I don't agree that Extropians do not believe in coercion. They may not
> > believe in corecion by the State, but how do they propose to effect even
> > contractual law without any form of enforcement?
> From the strict definition of the word, coercion, Extropians use coercion
> as well as anyone else. Exploiting anothers' fear is coercion; fear of
> being ostracized is but one way they coerce others to "fall in line".
> However, it might be more accurate to say they do not believe in initiating
> force. Enforcement of laws under an Extro-Society would not violate this
> principle since all laws would have victims. The offender would then be
> the initiator of force and the victim, having a contract with an
> enforcement agency (private of course), would have the right to respond
> through this agent of theirs. That, is how they would enforce their
> rights. Writing about rights, we believe there is only one right...the
> right to life. Rights to property, health, and liberty all derive from
> this single right. If another can control our property (taxes, etc.) they
> can deprive us of life, the same for health and liberty. To interfere with
> anothers' life would be the only crime. And certainly we all recognize the
> right to use force, if necessary to prevent someone from killing us, no
> matter how slowly they are doing it.
> ard
What about coercion of people to fulfill the contracts they have
committed to? One possibility is currently in use in the construction
industry. It is called the bond. Its kind of like placing a bet that you
are going to do what you say you are going to do. This is why you should
only deal with contractors that are bonded, as well as insured.
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