Re: Rules

ard (
Wed, 7 May 1997 16:59:50 +0200

> From: "Michael M. Butler" <>
> I suggest either the paid subscription (or variant) or the institution of
a policy that topics like free-market vs (x) *must* be discussed purely in
E-Prime--violators to be banished, no warning, no exceptions.
> Harsh, but effective.
But not honest, as in honoring the other. We appreciated Max dropping a
note now and again when we stepped on toes.
Why have so many on this list spent so many lines on this...a subject they
do not wish to debate? Where did the compulsion come from?
If this is not the list to discuss such things as the marriage of Jesus,
how to raise teenagers, or when is the best time to put out ones geraniums,
then don't discuss those things. If we don't debate free-market vs
control, then don't give it a single line and watch how fast the poster
either moves on or discusses that which we have all decided on. Try it,
you'll like it! ard