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>But all I see on web pages and all I read in this mailing list's messages
are theories=20
>or general ideas. I can make theories. I can have general ideas. We all
can. It's=20
>fun to think about exploiting the moon's resources or about changing social
>but it doesn't really change anything that can be immediately felt.
>I think it would be good to be a bit more practical about extropianism.=20

One aspect of the extropian philosophy that I am particularly fond, is the
fact that it provides practical information that can be applied to every day
life, as well as far-future concepts.

The ideas in this thread are part and parcel to actively being extropian.
Being an extropian is a commitment to one's own individual growth and
development=97near as well as long term. By commitment, I mean an actual
conscious decision to be responsible for one's self (or selves). Whereas
our being transhuman is an like being part of an "evolutionary stampede,"
our being extropianism can be achieved in a systematic and pragmatic way.

The theories in achieving same are explained quite carefully in extropian
texts which have been published and offer precise information about how to
apply these practical concepts to one's life.

>What I'm saying is that it may be nice to dream about things, but it's
better to do=20
>things, to apply theories, to build upon what's already built. What I'd
like to see is=20
>an "extropian resource guide" of some sort in which one could find
information that=20
>could be immediately used to expand one's physical and intellectual=

The full editions of _Extropy_ magazine can provide you with such a resource
guide. It is amazing how rich and resourceful it actually is. It might
some day in the near future by referred to as an encyclopedic reference for

>Sure, I want to be a cyborg, but right now, precisely what can science and
>make me?

Right now, at this very moment, science and technology make you transhuman.
Right now, today, science and technology will make you more than human.=20
It's a start.

Natasha Vita More [fka Nancie Clark]

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