RE: Practical Extropianism

Crosby_M (
Tue, 6 May 1997 10:42:17 -0400 thinks it's easy to make theories, compares
this to dreaming!

As an example of more "practical" Extropianism, litenite suggests:
<I'd really like to read information on where to get drugs that can
make you think faster or feel a certain way.>

There are plenty of Web sites and online catalogs devoted to these
topics - just do a search.

<And what about existing technology? We've made wonderful things
already, much more than we usually imagine. Why dream about future
technology when there's so much we already have but don't use? [SNIP]
Sure, I want to be a cyborg, but right now, precisely what can science
and technology make me?>

Here's a somewhat facetious answer:
<Wearable PC: You know about virtual reality, but this is "augmented
reality." Xybernaut Corp. in Fairfax, Va., has developed a
speech-activated, wearable computer that helps a technician inspect
and fix industrial equipment. A head-mounted display shows the online
maintenance manual in an image that appears to float in front of the
user and fills a viewing area equal to a 17-in. desktop monitor. The
worker keeps one eye on the display and the other on the equipment.
Mobile Assistant II has a base price of $4,995.>
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Some people are mechanics and some people are visionaries. It takes
both types to make a new world.

Mark Crosby