Re: Practical Extropianism

Tue, 06 May 1997 10:31:26 EDT

On Mon, 05 May 1997 23:16:21 -0400 writes:

>to read information on where to get drugs that can make you think
>faster or feel a
>certain way. Such drugs are sometimes legal and available to the
>public, but we just
>don't know about them.
>And what about existing technology?

Getting to know the tools we already can use
>would certainly help
>us acheive greater technological advances faster.

>I'd like to see...
>an "extropian resource guide" of some sort in which one could find
>information that
>could be immediately used to expand one's physical and intellectual
>Entries in that guide could include such things as hormones presently
>available to
>modify the body, chemicals presently available to modify the mind,
>technology already
>available to explore the human mind (biofeedback devices, personal EEG
>boxes, etc.),
>genetic analysis centers, "extropian food" presently available, etc...

Yes, I would like to know
what others are doing. This is a
valuable line of questioning. I have
had some useful results. Has anyone ?

Thanks, L-marie