Parallel Quantum Computing

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Quantum Computing just keeps getting more interesting. RH
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Subject: Physics of Computation Seminar, Monday, May 12


Date: Monday, May 12, 1997
Time: 3:30 pm (Refreshments after the talk)
Room: MIT NE43, 8th floor AI Playroom (545 Tech Sq)

"Quantum Telecomputation"

AT&T Bell Labs


Quantum mechanics permits certain kinds of non-local effects. This
talk demonstrates how these can be used for distributed computation
with minimal communication between various processors. The problem
considered is that of estimating the mean of N items to a certain
precision. First a serial quantum mechanical algorithm for this is
presented that is faster than any classical algorithm. Next it is
shown how this can be efficiently parallelized with quantum
mechanical processors that are remotely located. These processors
consist of coupled EPR particles. Each processor has just to
communicate one bit of classical information to a central location
at the end of its local computation.

Host: Norm Margolus

This talk is part of a seminar series on adapting computers and
computations to the constraints of, and opportunities afforded by,
microphysics; and on the development and application of the physical
theory of computation and information. This seminar series is
supported by the MIT AI Laboratory's Reversible Computing Project.

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