Re: BOOKS: Recommendations

Chris Hibbert (
Mon, 05 May 97 09:47:10 -0700

>> I enjoyed DA (I'll try to use E-prime; books "are" not good or bad,
>> people like them or not), but it has some flaws (like the hurried
>> ending). It is actually an unusually detailled description of a
>> nanotechnological society, with plenty of ideas of new forms of
>> human organisation.

Anders only managed E-Prime in the first three words. I'll try to do

I enjoyed DA as well. It has a reasonably good description of an
economy based on nanotech. I would have paid the price of the book
for the scene in which we get introduced to the "young ladies primer"
from the sub-title of the book, but on pedagogical, not
nanotechnological grounds. I didn't like the ending at all, (actually
the last third or so) as the story gets lost in meanderings about
group minds and other miscellany.