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Sat, 03 May 1997 12:24:55 -0400 wrote:
> In a message dated 97-05-01 17:53:00 EDT, you write:
> << In case anyone's interested in the Iridium satellite communications
> system... I'm hoping it will be operational before my next long trip so I
> won't need to use Net Cafes and friends' computers for connectivity again.
> >>
> Where can I find more information on this (the satellite)?
> -danny

I'm not sure how much experience you have on the web, but I highly
recommend that you check out these two search engines. Using the proper
methods, you can use them to find info on the web on just about
anything. If you are using Netscape as a browser, make a book mark to
each of these, and place them at the top of your bookmark list. If you
are using Explorer, put them at the top of your "favorite places" list.
Then whenever you need to find information on something, you can browse
right to the search engines and start finding things for yourself.

Of course many people who are not experienced in using search engines
like these, or Excite, Inforseek, Yahoo, etc... have trouble because
they do not know the "code words" in using them effectively. TYpically
if you just type in several key words, the engine will come back with
tens of thousands of pages that all have at least one of the words you
typed in. This is obviously annoying. However, if you put a plus sign
(+) before each word, the engine will ony find pages that have every
word with a plus sign before them. Also, if you want an exact phrase,
put quotes around a whole phrase, so that it will find that phrase
specifically. Narrowing down your search is simply a matter of adding
more discriminating words and phrases.

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