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Michael Lorrey (
Fri, 02 May 1997 18:18:06 -0400

Kennita Watson wrote:
> >The importance of this discovery is that we now have direct observation
> >of a phenomena that could be the source of a phenomena known as Gamma
> >Ray Bursts. Up to now, astophysicists have only been able to theorize on
> >the cause of the GRBs.
> Hm. That antimatter is, if I understand antimatter correctly, now long
> gone. I wonder how I'll get close enough to make use of some without
> hurting myself if by the time I see the radiation from it, it's gone?
> BTW -- it's one phenomenon, two phenomena.

potatos potahtoes.

WHile the current images being received are in fact 13,000 years old,
based on the distance in light years, there is no reason why this
phenomenon cannot be continuing where it is, or a new one may be forming
elsewhere. The antimatter in the jet is a product of extremely violent
collisions and or explosions that you could not get within a few hundred
light years of without being fried by the radiation density. The product
of the matter antimatter interactions at the edges of the jet is
extremely high energy gamma radiation... Better to make antimatter your
self and keep it in a bottle (magnetic bottle).

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