Re: BOOKS: Recommendations

Max More (
Thu, 01 May 1997 23:44:24 -0700

I highly recommend Host, by Peter James. AI, cryonics, and such a
well-paced and plotted story that it's *very* hard to put it down to do
anything else.

Also lots of fun: The Truth Machine by (Extropy Institute member) James L.
Halperin. His new immortalist book -- The First Immortal -- should be out

Poul Anderson's Harvest of Stars, and The Stars Are Also Fire, have been
recommended to me, though I haven't read them. I was told they are better
written and have more extropic stuff than his usual fare.

Also coming up:

Vernor Vinge's latest, probably titled A Deepness in the Sky.

Bart Kosko's first novel -- Nanotime -- will be out very soon.


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