Delta 2 Cleared For May 2nd Iridium Launch (fwd)

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In case anyone's interested in the Iridium satellite communications
system... I'm hoping it will be operational before my next long trip so I
won't need to use Net Cafes and friends' computers for connectivity again.


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Subject: Delta 2 Cleared For May 2nd Iridium Launch

>From Space News This Week -- April 28, 1997

Delta 2 Rocket Prepared For May 2 Return Flight

McDonnell Douglas Aerospace is preparing for a May 2 return-to-flight
launch of its Delta 2 rocket, after receiving informal indications late
last week from the U.S. Air Force that it would be cleared to use the
launch range.

Five Iridium mobile telephone satellites are scheduled to be launched
on the rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. The launch will be
the first Delta 2 mission since a Jan. 17 Delta 2 explosion destroyed
an Air Force navigation satellite.


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