RE: ECON: How invested not how much received

Laws, David (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 14:59:53 -0400

Disclaimer: This may be an urban legend, I have not checked up on it as I
honestly don't care but...

Several (10+) years ago a friend of mine claimed his brother
(brother-in-law?) was with the Chicago Bears finance branch as legal
counsel. Supposedly the players would receive a check (average $11,000) on
a Thursday (dunno if this was a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment).
These same players would be back on Tuesday of the following week begging
for advance pay as they had spent the entire $11,000 over the weekend.

Money can buy happiness but it can't buy common sense.


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It is important to note that while there is certainly a lot that
money can do for these people, welfare cannot completely eliminate
{SNIP} It says that the poor (this is
the US we are talking about, not places with real poverty) are different
from the not poor in ways other than money. Specifically, diligence,
honesty, good health, and reliability are the key factors. A child must
raised with parents that instill these values for them to have a good
chance in life. Sending welfare checks will not help assure that these
values are taught. I am not suggesting some plan of government
intervention to correct this problem. ........