Is this the National Enquirer?

Carl Feynman (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 11:44:01 -0400

Perry complained at length about CALYK, and his inane hydrogen car, taking
up space on the list. Here's how I avoid being annoyed by such things.

I subscribe to the Filtered Extropians list, promulgated by The Low Golden
Willow, This list broadcasts a daily compilation
of all the messages sent to the main list that are by authors that Mr.
Willow likes. I also subscribe to the main list. My mail reading program
(Eudora) sorts the messages so I can look at the filtered version first.
If I see an interesting thread in the filtered version, I can dip into the
full list and read the entire thread. I also read messages in the full list
from people whose names I don't recognize, so I don't unfairly exclude
people just because they're new. Otherwise, I just delete the messages from
the full list unread. My tastes seem to be sufficiently similar to Mr.
Willow's that just reading the filtered list means I don't miss much good stuff.

In short: why read the National Enquirer when you can read the Economist and
merely refer to the Enquirer?

Here's a pre-emptive strike against those who will accuse me of elitism:
Please come join the elite! All you have to do is think well and write well!