BOOK: Recommendations for Books

Patrick Wilken (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 11:35:29 +1000

I am going to be travelling to the States in about a month and its a fairly
long flight from Melbourne to LA (16.3 hours be precise) and wondering if
any of you could recommend any recent good science books? The extropian
reading list supplied when you join is good, but I've basically read all
the books on the list and they are fairly old (though still good) and I am
looking for something published in the last couple of years. If its out in
paperback that would be a plus, hardbacks are particularly expensive here
in Australia, but that's not essential. I saw Ed Regis's book
Nanotechnology in the window the other day. Any opinions on that? Are there
any good books that cover current work in genetics? I did a sub-major in
genetics at university, but that was years ago and it would be good to get
up to scratch a bit in this area.

best, patrick

Patrick Wilken
Editor: PSYCHE: An International Journal of Research on Consciousness
Secretary: The Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness