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Chris Peterson (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 18:50:31 -0700

This weekend's Foresight Senior Associate Mini-Gathering in Palo Alto was
supposed to be a minor event, but it isn't working out that way, so we
thought we'd better let you know in case you choose to join up and come to
the meeting. (Also, feel free to forward this info to interested friends.)
The primary topic, as usual, is nanotechnology.

The biggest surprise is that Marvin Minsky, an Advisor to Foresight, will
be coming and will speak. "About what?" you may ask. With Marvin, one
never knows, but it is always fascinating. Probably it will at least touch
on nanotechnology.

Other confirmed speakers include: Eric Drexler, Ralph Merkle, Al Globus,
Deepak Srivastava, Gayle Pergamit, Terry Stanley, and myself.

In the Senior Associate tradition, we will be asking various attendees to
say a few words informally. Here are some folks who will be there and who
we hope will step up to this, with speculation on what their topic might
be: Marc Arnold (on the Feynman Prizes and why prizes are a great
motivator), Wayne Gramlich (Web Enhancement), Thomas Landsberger (life
extension), Jim Lewis (the Foresight and IMM web sites), Tom McKendree
(nanotechnology for space development), Chip Morningstar, Ed Niehaus (PR
issues in nanotechnology), Steve Vetter (investing in nanotechnology), Jim
Von Ehr (his nanotechnology startup).

This is not an exhaustive list by any means; the attendees are many of our
favorite folks and virtually all of them have fascinating things to say,
either to the group or one-on-one.

If you want to come and haven't let us know yet, please do so IMMEDIATELY
by email (, phone (+1 415 917 1122), or fax (+1 415
917 1123).

The fee is $95, to cover our direct costs for food, etc. The meeting is
open to Senior Associates of Foresight, IMM, and CCIT; Senior Associates
pledge at least $250 per year for five years; donations are
tax-deductible. The meeting is off-the-record; no press coverage.

What to bring: videos to show (label with your name), favorite books to
tell us about (again, label with your name), software on laptops (security
of these is up to you -- one never knows in a hotel), favorite URLs, your
resume if you'd like a new job, and a swimsuit so you can take advantage of
the heated pool.

Hours are Friday, May 2 8 pm -10 pm Reception (i.e. party)
Saturday, May 3 10 am - 5 pm Sessions
Sunday, May 4 10 am - 5 pm Sessions

Dinners are self-assembling. Weather will probably be sunny, in the 70s
(F) or possibly the 80s. Accommodation arrangements should be made
directly with the hotel; request hotel information when you contact us.

We hope to see as many of you as possible. This is shaping up to be an
extremely enjoyable meeting.

--Chris Peterson
Executive Director
Foresight Institute