Egyptian Cryonics

Langlois (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 17:47:07 -0500

A week or so ago I was having a discussion with my physics teacher
about creating geological capacitors for storing lightning as a cheap power
source. A trivial and fun conversation, but near its end he started talking
about how some revisionist tech-hostorians believe that ancient monoliths
like the pyramids and ancient mexican monuments were in essence the
capacitors we were talking about. A few simple tricks of electricity would
give a great deal of power to the theocracy that ordered the building of
these monuments. For example if an egyptian priest were able to fry a
heritic to a cinder using the restrained power of ligntning or even simply
make lightning dance from his fingers or his hair stand up on end while in a
religious trance then this might create a certain deification of priests
even though they could be killed easily by common men and mobs.
However, when writing a paper recently I was struck by a quirk of
the practice of cryonics, that the ancients may have already tried it.
Ancients were placed in waiting chambers (tombs as we like to call them)
after having their bodily fluids drained and then stored. Kind of like full
body cryo-preservation with out the cryo bit, which is a little hard to come
up with in the middle of the desert. But they did know that the hot dry air
helped prevent decay so they built their preservation centers inthe desert
and filled them with all the prized objects and even preserved the loved
ones along side the important officals (it wans't just for pharohs) as if
they might someday be revived and have a need for gold and companionship
when their medical sciences, they had them to be sure could help the expired
pharoh or general or administrator.

Another fun trivial fun line of though like
the pyramid-capacitors but it is interesting and I am wondering what
everybody thinks on the subject.