Max More (maxmore@primenet.com)
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 01:27:58 -0700

The largest gathering of extropians/transhumanists is drawing near. This is
the first formal annoucement of EXTRO 3 -- Extropy Institute's 3rd

WHEN: August 9-10 1997
WHERE: Red Lion Hotel, San Jose, CA
WHO: See below.

We're still confirming speakers, so the list here and on the web site is
not complete. Even so, this will clearly be the best conference yet.

EXTRO 3 has two themes, one for each day: On Saturday it will be The Future
of the Body and Brain. On Sunday we'll cover Future Infrastructure,
including artificial intelligence, environment, and investing.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: We're delighted to announce that Dr. Eric Drexler has
agreed to be our Keynote Speaker. Eric Drexler is author of Engines of
Creation, and Nanosystems, and is a fellow of the Institute for Molecular

Saturday: Future of the Body and Brain

Gregory Stock: Engineering the Human Germline. (Author, Metaman.)

Max More: Mind Morph: Technologically Refined Emotion and Personality.
(Author of The Augmented Animal (HardWired, 1998))

Anders Sandberg: Amplifying Cognition: Extending Human Memory and

Future of Gender Panel: Sharon Presley (Resources for Independent
Thinking), Natasha Vita More (Founder, Extropic Art Movement).

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Eric Drexler. (Institute for Molecular Manufacturing)

Not confirmed:
Gregory Fahy, Red Cross Laboratories: Life Extension

Gregory Kovacs, Stanford Electrical Engineering Dept./Ted Berger, USC
Neurosciences: Neural-Computer Integration.

Joseph Rosen (Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center): Today’s and Tomorrow’s

Sunday: Future Infrastructure

Mark Miller: Computer Security as the Future of Law

Alexander "Sasha" Chislenko, Firefly, Inc.: Cyborgs, Agents, Processors:
Incorporating Technological Evolution Into Ourselves.

Investing in the Future: Peter Voss, Courtney Smith, [Maybe: Gayle Pergamit]

Chris Peterson: The Future of the Environment.

Probably but not confirmed:
Paul Churchland (U.C. San Diego): Shaping the Development of Artificial

Kevin Kelly, Executive Editor, Wired.

AI: Speed of Development panel discussion.

Plus the Saturday night banquet, and parties before, during, and after the

Don't miss out on this unique gathering. Come and be powerfully
intellectually stimulated! Come and meet a couple of hundred other people
who don't think your ideas are crazy! Come to an island of intellectual
energy, forward-thinking, and brainstorming for a massive recharging of
your batteries!

Much more information and regular updates can be found on the EXTRO 3


You can REGISTER online via the website, or by sending email to:
or by telephoning (310) 398-0375

Please visit the EXTRO 3 web pages for more complete information, including
hotel accomodation information.

Max More, Ph.D.
President, Extropy Institute, Editor, Extropy
exi-info@extropy.org, http://www.extropy.org
(310) 398-0375