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my inner geek wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Apr 1997, Michael Lorrey wrote:
> > Until fuel cells become compact enough to be really usefull, which I
> > think will happen in 5-10 years at most, the optimum power system for a
> > car is a small 15kW gas turbine generator running electric drive motors
> > and maintaining an electric charge in a battery system 1/10th the size
> > of that currently used in electric cars, which is only needed for on
> > demand power needs (acceleration). The turbine runs at constant max
> > efficiency, like a large power plant, is compact, with a high power
> > density.
> How much does this cost? Can you provide any URLs on this? Thanks.

DO a search for the term "hybrid electric vehicle", which is what the
correct terminology for this sort of vehicle is. Several of the big car
manufacturers have made test vehcles using this system, including GM,
and the Electric Power Research Institute has done a study on the
concept which is available, possibly also available through the Dept. fo
Energy. An additional term for more discriminating searching would be
+"gas turbine", to make sure you get just those types of vehicles in
your info.

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