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Electrolysis probably can be done in a car--but be careful going over bumps, especially when working on sensitive areas like the upper lip or bikini area... ;) ;)

As for positive-sum water dissociation--I'll believe it when I see it.

Every time *I've* done 2(h2o)-->2(h2) + o2, it stopped when I pulled the plug, and it cost me electricity to do it at all.

Back in the earlier part of this century, people were routinely taken in by the "pill that runs a car on a tankful of water".

When it wasn't an outright fake, the pill was calcium carbide--just

a slightly more subtle fake.

I am not calling anyone a liar--but I'll only believe it when I can see a working unit, and tear into it to my heart's content.


At 10:33 PM 4/25/97 -0400, you wrote:


>On Fri, 25 Apr 1997 wrote:


>> actually, the author states the electrolysis can be done in the car, and the

>> reason it's not in use is because the federal government told him that it

>> would ruin the economy. Also, the media wont air the info because of fear,

>> which is also why i believe many people wont go for it, even though its

>> possible (he gave instructions for it).


>> -danny




>I read the same article but do not have it with me. Could you post it here

>as I am in agreement with you, but am willing to be called naive AFTER,

>and only after, the disenters have read it.



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