heart attacks

Perry E. Metzger (perry@piermont.com)
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 17:00:02 -0400 (EDT)

> From: Frank Mcelligott <Frankmac@ripco.com>
> Recently, last week suffered a heart attack, product of smoking two
> packs a day for forty years. Have survided both the attack and the
> medical system. Would ask your help in where do I go from here, all
> suggestions
> and I mean all will be greatlyand humbly accepted.

1) Obviously, the first step is to quit smoking. If you do so, in a
few years your risk of cancers and heart disease will dramatically
fall, although not quite as low as it might if you had never
2) Your second big risk factor is diet. Dean Ornish's studies show
that moving to a low fat vegan diet is one of the few documented
ways of reversing the progress of heart disease.
3) Various and sundry antioxidants, especially Vitamin E, have been
shown to have beneficial effects in the long term, although I have
no idea if the literature has any evidence for what their impact
might be on someone who is already suffering from heart disease.
4) Moderate exercise is also in order, according to the experts.

and finally,

5) Have you made cryonics arrangements for yourself yet?