Dan Hook (
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 15:15:13 -0400

Speaking for myself, the cost in dignity and risk of disease would be
considerable, much greater in fact than the cost of the pizza. Even if
this was not a factor, some work has to be used to get the pizza out of the
dumpster. A very cheap lunch may be possible, but not a free one.

Dan Hook
> > On a personal note (peeking around the masks)....Isn't
> >a chapter title in the "Moon is a Harsh Mistress" ? On the moon that
> >be true. It certainly has not proven true in our own
> >one gets real picky about "free". If picking the food up and eating it
> >considered "free", making dumpster raids behind Pizza Hut would be an
> >example of a free lunch.
> Have you ever read Hazlitt's "Economics in One Lesson"? "Tanstaafl"
> is a useful heuristic and a reminder. _Somebody_ paid for that pizza.
> Is that being "picky", or just telling the truth?