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Fri, 25 Apr 1997 10:33:07 +0200

> > It just joes to show you, even we make mistrakes.
> > ard

> Either he/she/its a member of a royal family or is multi personality...
> ;)
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> Michael Lorrey

Or both.

The Sovereign would use the "we". Any who must answer to the Sovereign
would use the personal pronoun "I". Heads of State, while representing the
sovereign territory, would use the "we". The Pope would use the "we".
When one recognizes their own Sovereignty, they would use the "we". When
you are a Master in fact and not just in empty title (Mr.) you answer only
to yourself. For such a one, to intervene in the willful acts of another
would be an act of war, as would the intervention by another entity.
Multi personality describes all human beings. Those with Multi
Personality Disorder, are believed to have too few personalities. What is
commonly called our personality is but a collage of masks (L. persona)
When one recognizes they operate behind various persona, they begin to
examine them, and they begin to live more consciously. They begin to act,
rather than react. They act with, and are masters of their emotions. They
act with, and are masters of their passion, They act with, and are masters
of their personalities.
The third possibility.....+Oh dear, don't tell him!+....Shut up! Why
must you aways "INTERVENE?"....*"ALWAYS ?*.....Why can't we just live in
peace and joy?....&Get real, for god's sake?&....#1Could you all just keep
it down to a low roar. We are attempting to communicate with the humans,
and you know how much we have to lower our energy to facilitate the
operation. We would appreciate your cooperation, okay + ?....+Okay, but
don't tell him everything.+....
#1 And you , can we expect you to not react for a few more
minutes?#1....No problem, I didn't start it, you know?...#1Of course.
And *, , and &, can we also count on you?#1....*Yeah.*....Count me
in.....&Okay.&....#1Thank you, thank you so much.#1............hmmmmm
where were we?....oh,...yes!
The third possibility is a desire by the writer to provoke the
convention-oriented, like moths to a flame....reaction.

On a personal note (peeking around the masks)....Isn't T.A.N.S.T.A.A.F.L.
a chapter title in the "Moon is a Harsh Mistress" ? On the moon that might
be true. It certainly has not proven true in our own experiences...unless
one gets real picky about "free". If picking the food up and eating it is
considered "free", making dumpster raids behind Pizza Hut would be an
example of a free lunch.
In the town (40,000) next to our village (1,000) they are having their
annual Spring-Cleaning-Bring-and-Take event (Roughly translated). The
stadium is used and people bring all their uneeded stuff. It is put on the
benches and on the ground and on tables for three days. (Wed., Thu.,
Fri.) On Saturday, everybody can come and take away whatever they want,
gratis. It is promoted by the city, sponsored by local businesses, and
supported enthusiastically by the community. It is like a giant swap meet
where everything is free. Those in need CAN be served in an honorable way.
Coercive taking and proof-of-need play no part in this event, thus
avoiding dishonor to any one.


T.A.N.S.T.A.A.F.T. !!!

*Can someone figure out how many calories are burnt with different types of
thoughts; i.e. sexual, problem solving, kind, angry, fearful, etc.?