Re: thank you

Kennita Watson (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 23:00:11 -0700

>Recently I requested from the participants of this list, any and all
>information available here on the net which members could provided
>to me in assisting in my recuperation from my recent heart attack.

The best I could tell you would be to do an AltaVista advanced query on
"(recuperate OR recuperation) NEAR "heart attack". You can also check
out Medline. There's an abstract search engine there, and there also
happens to be an article on eating habits and heart health. The URL is

>Let me help you in your discourse, first you must have a
>heart attack, then go to any major hospital=92s ER, and lastly you
>must believe that death is only 5 feet behind you, and gaining with each
>second that passes. After that, you might reprogram your discussions
>concerning God.

You were obviously extremely frightened by your experience. Certainly I
would be too, but even if I become frightened enough to start believing
in God (unlikely), I'll want to make sure my friends are ready to execute
my cryonics arrangements -- I have a lot more confidence in them (the
friends _and_ the arrangements).
>You remind me of what President L. Johnson once said in his description
>of the Washington Press Corp.
>=93 I wish one of those Bastards had run for Dog Catcher. before coming to
>this town=94

I can see you're feeling hostile about your reception. I on the other
hand am feeling unfairly attacked, perhaps taking too personally your
inclusive "you". I'll put it behind me -- I hope you can too.
>I don=92t contribute to this or any other list, only because I have
>nothing to contribute, this is either caused by the lack of knowledge or
>the fear of an intellectual discourse with people more glib and more
>intelligent than myself.

The people here are certainly glib and intelligent, but I can hardly
believe that the people on every mailing list you come across are more
glib and intelligent than you are. Being able to spell "participant",
"recuperation", and "experience" puts you a cut above a lot of people
right there.

I hate when people run themselves down that way (maybe I'm sensitized
because I've done it so often).
>Concerning my smoking, I have been smoke free since 01/01/97.

Congratulations! Keep up the good work, and don't be surprised or
disheartened if you still feel cravings after a year or more.

How are you doing with cutting your nicotine dose? Patches are
better than smoking, but as you've discovered the hard way, nicotine
is still not good for you.

BTW -- how much exercise do you get? If you're eating those bran
muffins, and your fruits and vegetables, that may be the next thing
to tackle.


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