class on transhumanism

Kathryn Aegis (
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 23:04:41 +0000

I have this friend who is in a graduate visual arts program at George
Mason. Lo and behold, in his art/media/philosophy/crit class, they
studied the works of Orlan and other members of the Fluxus group,
which leads him to mention that he has this friend who is hooked into
this crazy idea called transhumanism that relates to this type of

I sent a followup email to his professor to clarify a few points, and
the next day, this professor grabs Michael in the hallway to ask him
to give a lecture the next day in class on the subject of
extropianism and transhumanism! Unable to reach me that day, he
frantically downloaded everything he could find, found a few notes I
had scribbled in one of his books, and winged it for 45 minutes. He was
too embarrassed to tell me what he had actually said, but evidently the
class members showed a high level of interest. Hopefully I or someone
else local can give a talk for this professor's next class cycle, with
more preparation. But I told Michael that for effort alone he gets a
gold star!


Kathryn Aegis