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as I already said, here's a nice mid-term investment.
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EVLN(automotive fuel cell development raises platinum demand)
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LONDON, April 15 (Reuter) - Precious metals refiner Johnson Matthey
Plc said prospects for higher platinum demand were raised by plans in
the automotive sector to develop fuel cell engines.

"For automobile fuel cell engines the requirement (for catalysts) will
be approximately 10 grams of platinum per vehicle. This is three to
four times as much platinum as in the catalytic converter fitted to an
internal combustion engine," the company said in a statement.

Germany's Daimler-Benz AG on Monday announced plans with Ballard Power
Systems Inc. of Canada to bring a new electric car to market in eight
years. The two companies signed a $333 million deal to invest in
developing so-called "fuel-cell" technology.

Fuel-cell engines, which are already powering prototype buses and
cars, produce no emissions and are said to achieve 30 percent greater
efficiency over gas cells. The "cells" are devices that convert fuels
such as methanols or hydrogen into electricity without combustion.

Daimler is targetting initial output of fuel cell car engines at
100,000 units. As well as developing its own model, it will also try
to market the technology to other car companies around the world.

"The objective is really to concentrate on the mass production," said
Ferdinand Panik, head of the project for Daimler.

Johnson Matthew, which also manufactures platinum catalysts for fuel
cells, said the new investment potentially advanced the date for
commercialisation of fuel cell powered cars by five years.

"The announcement significantly improves the prospects for fuel cells
as a major new application for platinum in the next decade," said
Jeremy Coombes, general manager marketing at JM's precious metals

But automotive industry experts said it may take longer to build
consumer demand for the new vehicles. 22:34 04-15-97
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EVLN(automotive fuel cell development raises platinum demand)