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Wed, 23 Apr 1997 19:23:02 -0400 wrote:
> In a message dated 97-04-23 04:33:46 EDT, you write:
> > Apparently your idea of "too simplistic" is "says something meaningful
> > clearly enough to be understood." The actual content of the statement,
> > that public education costs twice as much as private education of better
> > quality, you evade altogether so you can react to my choice of the
> > word "stolen" to describe taxes. Fine, substitute "taken"--a simple
> > fact of reality you can't evade--and then deal with the actual content
> > of the assertion, which I stand by. I also happily stand my my use of
> > the word "stolen", but if that gets in the way of your ability to apply
> > ordinary reason to an assertion, then go ahead and pick a less loaded
> > word for your own use.
> >
> No I do not have a problem with your assertion of education being badly
> managed by the government. Or of taxation being unfair.
> The MAJOR difference - which you appanrently missed - is pointing out that
> SOME people, not you.. not Mr. Lorrey, not most Libertarians, but this one..
> see value in educating people who have no money. In making education
> available at OUR OWN EXPENSE to others who have children but may ( for some
> stupid reason) think their children don;t deserve it. I said this is my own
> SELFISH desire for a better society.
> I would gladly pay a part of my salary to educate your kid, if you were
> stupid enough to want him to NOT go to school - or if you were a poor
> provider. I want public education to survive, even if I do ( and I do ) have
> my kids in private schools. Even if that "public" education is privately
> funded.

I don't even have a problem with public funding of education. Its the
monopoly of the market that I find so objectionable and in my opinion,
the big cause of the problems with our public primary education. As
previously stated by me, publicly funded college education is very good
in most areas of the US. Excellent in some. Because individual public
colleges do not have a monopoly on the students resident in their state,
they have IMHO retained a level of quality that one normally sees with
free market services, while the monopolistic primary schools have not.

Likewise, the tax system should have a way out for people who live by
their principles, much like concientious objectors to military service.
There is currently a form one can fill out at the IRS certifying that
the signor is a member of a religion that has such objections to social
security. In exchange for being exampt from paying SS taxes, you refuse
permanently any rights to benefits. If this method were expanded to CO
types, I think that present society will survive handily, while people
who object to confiscation as much as the founding fathers did can live
in peace.

Its time for an anti-trust lawsuit against the federal government.

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