Bissia (eyecon@dma.be)
Thu, 24 Apr 97 01:00:47 +0200

Hello all,

A week or so ago I posted to check if someone could
explain me the meaning of the word 'Bayesian', which
I could not figure out as I'm not native English speaker
but still very envious to learn allways more =8A
And even if this very list is not quite helpfull to 'newbies' let say
someone offered to help me later and posted privatly to my mailbox,
helas I've lost this kind person email address !!! =8A

By the way is there some basics or sort of abc on extropianism,
I mean here in the behaviorial sense not a knowledge theory to
pretend, more a way to reach at it guide or so =8A
( I knew about the Max More files but can't get my hands on it, and =
no web, news, ftp nor www access rigth now, yes just email and a =
fax ! =8A )

read you soon,
Bissia from Pop eye a la nouvelle benzine =8A