RE: heart attacks

Crosby_M (
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 17:01:46 -0400

Frank McElligott wrote:
<Recently, last week suffered a heart attack, product of smoking two
packs a day for forty years. Have survided both the attack and the
medical system. Would ask your help in where do I go from here, all
suggestions and I mean all will be greatlyand humbly accepted.>

You haven't said whether you've quit smoking or not! For this post
I'll assume that your heart problem is entirely due to smoking and not
to other dietary, genetic or lifestyle factors...

Until recently I smoked a pipe, inhaling massive doses of tar and
nicotine. This had been a 30-year habit.

I was able to easily quit by switching to Nicorette gum which is
available without prescription. I'm down to about four 2-mg pieces a

In my opinion the gum is better than patches because you have to learn
to control it and it provides relief for the oral-gratification

I still don't like this oral-gratification habit but it's certainly
better than polluting lungs and heart.

Mark Crosby