Making threads last

Anders Sandberg (
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 18:41:01 +0200 (MET DST)

One problem I have noted is that many quite interesting threads on these
lists develop new insights into various subjects, diverge and then die
out. Although they are archived, often the real gems are hard to
rediscover, and old questions reappear after a few months.

What I would like to see if we could distill the results of some threads
into a usable form, such as a web page or an article in Homo Excelsior.
When a thread starts to get useful, somebody takes on the responsibility
as an editor, bringing together the posts into a whole and then publishing

The main problem to solve is how to get these editors: while I think just
about everyone here will agree that the idea is good, actually *doing*
something must overcome some mental inertia (especially when many
participate; diffusion of responsibility is a problem here). Do we have
any brilliant ideas on how to implement this?

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