Re: Request for info and conversation with extropians

John Blanco-Losada (
Wed, 23 Apr 97 11:36:50 -0400

On 4/22/97 3:00 PM, Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:

>>> From: annette ware <>
>>> . . .The reason I am writing to you is that I would like to know if
>>> there is anyone in the Washington D.C. area with whom I may converse
>>> with upon this subject more thoroughly.
>Wouldn't it be more extropian to not limit your interviews to those
>who happen to be physically nearby? We do not wish to constrain
>ourselves to our current biological manifestations, so why require
>their presence?

I had much the same thought that Annette would probably get a more
comprehensive and broad-based spectrum of opinion by posting a set of
questions to the main Extropians list, but nonetheless I have volunteered
to try to answer Annette's questions in person if necessary (or
preferably, to arrange a meeting for her with myself and some of the
other DC Extropians). I did suggest that email would be easiest for me,
so if that's amenable to her I may forward her questions to the list.

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