Re: help me find my new computer

Patrick Salsbury (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 23:35:54 -0700

-Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 21:04:24 -0700
-From: (Anton Sherwood)
-I've reached a decision!
-My next computer will be a Motorola StarMax: 603e 180HMz,
-32MB, 2.5GB, 8xCD, 28k modem, plus SoftWindows 95, all
-(not counting monitor) for about 16 hundred simoleons.
-Not quite the latest thing, but then neither am I.
-Thanks to John Blanco-Losada, Steve Witham, Loren Hardy,
-Sky Coyote, Pat Salsbury and Kennita Watson for their
-advice, none of which (as it happened) I used.
-Anton Sherwood *\\* +1 415 267 0685 *\\*
:-) You know what they say... If you have 2 extropians who agree on
everything, then one of them's not an extropian...


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