RE: Compulsory service

Laws, David (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 21:30:33 -0400

Perhaps a way to end this is for those who agree with 'required community
service' give an example of what is required and see how many respond
opposing this. I remit, total agreement is fine (but is frightful as
everyone agreeing on anything is), forcing agreement (as in the US getting
$16/day for required jury duty...notwithstanding it is a one day jury for
drunk driving cases to 1 year on a murder case...or longer) not only seems
dictatorial but seems to violate the very declaration of extropianism.

Forcing agreement forbids dissent. Will this turn into 'Fine, don't do the
required service even if you disagree, no problem. Just don't expect to be
able to work, bank, or get unemployment' as with the 'voluntary' US tax

Tell us when reason isn't right. (A scary thought when reason is
wrong...what is left....emotion?).


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Suggestion: why not explain this clearly and logically in a way (say) a
ten-year old could understand, and then let your opponent put forth his
model in the same simple way. Then we can start analyzing what reason
tells us (but don't forget history; reason isn't always right).