ard (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 23:33:05 +0200

> I doubt it needs to be said, but the results of a few studies is not very
> convincing.

We have no intention of "convincing" anyone. We have run across
information which coincides with our own experience.

> Who conducted the study?

These studies were reported in a book by a doctor ( a real scientist

Are these few studies just the ones that show some benefit for prayer
while ignoring the ones that show no effect?

The doctor did not appear to be biased to the degree that he would stoop
to such deception.

Were the people praying for the sick person friends of this person?

They did not even know the person they were praying for. Also the
persons being prayed for did not know they were being prayed for. It was a
double-blind study. Even the doctors did not know which patients were
being prayed for.

If the study has any validity, I suspect it most probably shows the value
> friendship and knowing that there are people who care about you, even if
> you don't know that they are praying.

Your suspicions are unfounded, however well intended.