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Judges needed for 1997 Loebner Prize

Would you like to participate in judging computer entries in
the 1997 Loebner Prize Contest?

Date: Tuesday, April 29th, 1997
Time 9:30 AM to 12 Noon
Venue: The Salmagundi Club,
47 Fifth Ave at 12th St
New York NY 10003

The Loebner Prize Contest seeks judges from the
NY-NJ-Conn-PA area to participate in the 1997 contest.

Judges will be required to evaluate computer entries and
a human confederate to answer the questions:

* Which is the human, which are computers?
* Which computer program is "the most human"?

Information about the Loebner Prize is available at:

The programmer(s) of the winning computer entry will receive
a bronze medal and $2000.

Each judge will receive a $50 honorarium, travel expenses
(up to $100) and lunch.

Interested individuals are invited to apply by email to:

Hugh Loebner, Project Director, email

Please include a brief resume

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